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We are pleased to announce the 5th Annual International Canyon Rendezvous to be held in Greece, April 1st through 8th, 2007.

The ACA and the EFC welcome the ESEF (Greek Canyoning Association) as a partner in organizing this year's rendezvous. Together we will provide you with a week filled with unforgettable canyons and fun evenings.

The Place
Mount Iti, the village of Loutra Ypatis, close to Lamia. 150 miles northwest of Athens. VIEW MAP

The Canyons
Most of the canyons are on Mount Iti, in the immediate proximity of Ypatis. There are more canyons a little farther away on the slopes of Mount Othris and Mount Parnassos. You'll find several dozen vertical canyons very close by, all of them nicely cut in the limestone mountainsides. The biggest waterfall is 50 meters, so bring 60m ropes. And a full 5 mm neoprene wetsuit. There will be water -- all snowmelt!

George Andreou, the president of the ESEF, will edit a topoguide of the area in Greek, English and French well before the rendezvous. This topoguide will be for sale during the rondy. The local tourism office will also edit especially for our meeting a map with the location of each canyon.

We expect to welcome canyoneers from all four corners of the globe. Special care will be taken to encourage mixed international groups in the canyons.

The welcome bar will be open Sunday evening with a short word from the organizers and a general presentation of the area, the canyons, lodging, restaurants and other logistics information.

On the Program
Canyons, canyons, canyons! And, as always, each evening there will be presentations of films, conferences, expeditions, gear etc., plus a special surprise.

If you want to show a video, slides, make a presentation, hold a conference or training session, or present new gear, contact Koen at the email address below.

Where to Stay
There will be several hotels available. None have the capacity to handle our entire group, so we are providing a central contact to facilitate your reservations. English and French is spoken. For all reservations contact:

The price will be between 15 and 20 Euros per person per day, breakfast included. For dinner there are a wide choice of very good, typically Greek restaurants in the village.

4x4 vehicles will be necessary because of the approaches on dirt roads, often in bad condition. In Athens you can rent 4x4 vehicles from about 200 euros per week.

Other Attractions
Athens, Delphi, Meteora, Mount Olympus ... all places close by the rendezvous. Not connected to our favorite sport, but definitely worth making the time to see.


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